JDL UEL Turbo Kit - Garrett Turbo

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  1. High Quality

    Posted by Voidn0ise on 21st Apr 2017

    My first review was rather short so I decided to provide a better one.
    First of all, the kit is extremely high quality. Everything fit great and the thermal coating was perfect without a scratch. The packaging was also great, however it was shipped with Fedex and don't get me started with how useless they are.
    The blow off sounds amazing and I encourage you to watch their video for it. In person it's way better although I haven't been able to experience it at more than 3.5k RPM due to tune delivery conflicts.

    My only issue was the lack of instruction and documentation provided, but even so the install only took me 1.5 days and it was my first FI install (and on jackstands lol). I used a mix between JDL's Turbo Manual for their old kit, the Greddy manual, and a few others along with Youtube.
    If you plan on ordering, expect at least 5 or more weeks until it ships, and then another week after that to arrive. The product arrived in two boxes coming out to 120 total I believe it was. Also, the stock front bumper bar will require modification so if you have the money I encourage you to buy the JDL Bumper Bar like I did.

    The wait is worth it, everything is made to order and again, super high quality. Also the blacked out inter cooler looks pretty sweet under the front grill.

    - - Feedback From 86 Speed
    *Your kit was one of the first kits in the first group to be produced for the new design - longer lead times are expected on a new product release. Typical lead time is 3 weeks and as production gets smoother JDL will get better at hitting these marks, but with anything custom it will take time especially when there is high demand and on a first run.

    **Documentation has and now is being provided with each and every kit.

    Thanks for the honest feedback

  2. Awesome kit

    Posted by Voidn0ise on 18th Apr 2017

    Pretty easy install, quality product with great looking thermal coating. UEL sounds great as well with my Invidia N1 and Tomei OP.


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Product Description

Brand new Turbo Kit from JDL

- UEL Manifold Design 

- Rated to 400 HP (GT2860RS)

- Dual Ball Bearing Turbo


Optional Items:

- Bronze Heat coating (Down Pipe + Turbo Manifold) 

- Pre-welded Oil pan 


Items Required:

- Omni 3 Bar Map Sensor 

- Tuning 




More info to come soon*