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Our business was founded by our own love for cars, as we are car enthusiasts just like many of you. We are not new to the Scene, We have over 15 years of experience and knowledge with the performance parts business. We have extensive knowledge about the Flat Four motor with the WRX and Ej20 and Ej25, We got very excited when we heard that Scion and Subaru would be doing a joint platform using a Boxer motor.

Your experience with us will be second to none, We focus on customer satisfaction and your happiness is our number one priority. We purchase direct from many of the Manufacturers we sell product for so there are no middle men and getting incorrect information about product specs and lead times. We operate several other E-commerce stores for different niche markets. We are located in Las Vegas and have a full stocked warehouse to service you. We are not a typical retail store, we do not have a typical showroom. If you live in the area or are visiting Las Vegas send us a email we would love for you to see our operation. 



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86 Speed is a Las Vegas Based Company