Injen X-Pedal Throttle Controller FRS/BRZ/86

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  • Injen X-Pedal Throttle Controller FRS/BRZ/86
  • Injen X-Pedal Throttle Controller FRS/BRZ/86

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Product Description

If you’ve heard of Injen, you probably know them for their intake systems. An aftermarket intake is a quick and easy way to add a little more power to your vehicle, but if you want to make your vehicle more fun to drive, you need to improve the throttle response. Most new cars use a Drive-By-Wire throttle, which eliminates the need for a throttle cable. A Drive-By-Wire system also allows the manufacturer to fine-tune the throttle response and how direct the input is. Unfortunately, most Drive-By-Wire cars have poor throttle response and non-linear input in an attempt to improve fuel economy. That’s right; driving fun gets tossed to the side for enhanced efficiency. Luckily, Injen has been developed a small product which allows you to customize the throttle response of your car.

Injen’s new X-PedalPro is designed to work with a plethora of different vehicles, assuming said vehicle uses a drive-by-wire system. What’s cool about their new system is that it’s adjustable, allowing to change the response of your throttle on the fly. Want some extra power to accelerate more quickly up a hill? Just press the “up” button on the X-Pedal Pro, and choose from several levels of performance enhancement. Need to save some gas as you idle through city traffic? Just click the “down” button, and you’ll find plenty of room to slow things down. In short, it is a simple plug-in module, which requires less than 5 minutes to install and delivers immediate, customized performance for your vehicle.

  • The built-in high-speed processor dramatically improves throttle signal
  • Sport Mode: 9 levels, suitable for mountain roads and racing
  • ECO Mode: 7 levels, ideal for driving in city areas which can improve fuel economy
  • The anti-skid function allows your vehicle to launch on lower friction surfaces with ease
  • Launch Control/Drag Race Mode: Gets you to reach max acceleration faster
  • DAC (Digital to Analog Convert) – Digital signal output provides
  • 1000 times/sec processing speed