JDL UEL Turbo Kit V2 - Build A Kit

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  • Standard cold side and Bronze Hot Side
  • Black and Bronze coating
  • Image 3
  • Double Black Coating
  • Image 5
  • Wrinke Red Cold side and Crash Bar
  • Optional CAI
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  • Image 9
  • Image 10
  • Image 11
  • Underside Plus top View JDL UEL Kit
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Product Reviews

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  1. excellent

    Posted by Francesco on Apr 5th 2018

    the kit is amazing, the top products of the range, I have yet to mount and already I'm excited.
    the only problem is the delivery time for abroad.
    the assistance team is very kind and ready.
    I recommend it to everybody

  2. UEL boosted

    Posted by Glenn C. on Jan 23rd 2018

    It was easy to install, I did the install with just hand tools at home on jackstands. I’m loving this kit, definitely a quality product as always from guys over at JDL. Hawaii likes JDL haha, couple of us down here have it and we love it. No complaints.

  3. High Quality

    Posted by Voidn0ise on Apr 21st 2017

    My first review was rather short so I decided to provide a better one.
    First of all, the kit is extremely high quality. Everything fit great and the thermal coating was perfect without a scratch. The packaging was also great, however it was shipped with Fedex and don't get me started with how useless they are.
    The blow off sounds amazing and I encourage you to watch their video for it. In person it's way better although I haven't been able to experience it at more than 3.5k RPM due to tune delivery conflicts.

    My only issue was the lack of instruction and documentation provided, but even so the install only took me 1.5 days and it was my first FI install (and on jackstands lol). I used a mix between JDL's Turbo Manual for their old kit, the Greddy manual, and a few others along with Youtube.
    If you plan on ordering, expect at least 5 or more weeks until it ships, and then another week after that to arrive. The product arrived in two boxes coming out to 120 total I believe it was. Also, the stock front bumper bar will require modification so if you have the money I encourage you to buy the JDL Bumper Bar like I did.

    The wait is worth it, everything is made to order and again, super high quality. Also the blacked out inter cooler looks pretty sweet under the front grill.

    - - Feedback From 86 Speed
    *Your kit was one of the first kits in the first group to be produced for the new design - longer lead times are expected on a new product release. Typical lead time is 3 weeks and as production gets smoother JDL will get better at hitting these marks, but with anything custom it will take time especially when there is high demand and on a first run.

    **Documentation has and now is being provided with each and every kit.

    Thanks for the honest feedback

  4. Awesome kit

    Posted by Voidn0ise on Apr 18th 2017

    Pretty easy install, quality product with great looking thermal coating. UEL sounds great as well with my Invidia N1 and Tomei OP.

*Product Videos


The "R" stands for a Recirculated version of the JDL UEL Kit - We will list the update soon on the JDL kits on 86 Speed. http://www.86speed.com/products/jdl-uel-turbo-kit-precision-turbo.html This car is the same car as we did the first install on the kit and some drive along videos, We wanted to test and show you the difference of the dump tube version vs. this recirculated kit - This a different Manifold and downpipe, we will add photos to our site soon to show how the external wastegate is plumbed into the downpipe. Specs listed below. JDL UEL KIT W/Garrett GT2860RS W/Recirc 91 Fuel , Stock injectors, Stock Fuel Pump JDL Ultra Quite 2.5 Overpipe/Front pipe combo Stock Mid Pipe, Berk Dual Axel back Skunk2 Coils Grams 57CR 18x 9.5 - new Michelin tires Stoptech BBK Ecutek Tuned

  • BOOSTED BRZ - ...
    The "R" stands for a Recirculated version of the JDL UEL Kit ...


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Product Description

If you are looking for a truly complete forced induction solution for your FRS/BRZ/86 then you have come to the right place! Welcome to the newly revised JDL Auto Design V2 Turbo system. It's compact and simple to install design makes it easy for the DIY individual with basic hand tools to participate in the gratification one gets from modifying their vehicle. The JDL Auto Design Turbo system is the answer everyone expresses about the twin platforms OEM power levels. Simply push the GO GO pedal and effortlessly the nimble chassis accelerates with ample eagerness. Nothing says you mean business more than the sight of that pronounced intercooler sitting behind the grill like a caged animal ready to attack. Just add a tune to any of our many variations and your car will take on a whole new attitude! If you do not already have a tuning solution we have you covered there too. Just let us know what we can do to assist you in reaching your performance goals by giving us a call. No matter the power goals we have you covered!


** We highly recommend calling in and talking to us its free and we can explain and help you get the right kit for your needs


*** International Customers - please email us for a custom shipping quote


Here are some highlights to what the JDL systems consist of: 


Turbo Options:

GT28 Journal Bearing (350+)

- 360 journal bearing system
- Ideal for everyday conditions on stock block. 

GT2860R (250-360 Hp) 

- Water + Oil cooled. 
- Ball Bearing Turbo. 
- Safe for stock block 
- Ideal for aggressive driving conditions (Track, Autocross, Drift)

GTX2860R (200-400 hp)

- 10%+ Gain in flow over traditional GT compressor wheel designs.
- 10%+ Higher pressure ratio over traditional GT compressor wheel designs.
- Forged, fully-machined compressor wheel featuring next gen aerodynamics.
- Faster Spool time compared to GT version. 
- Recommended for those seeking higher boost levels. 
- Dual ball bearing, oil & water-cooled CHRA.

GTX2867R (275-480 hp)

- Same standard features as GTX2860R
- Not ideal for stock block. 
- For those looking for max gains possible. 

(Garrett GTX30 series available although not listed in the drop down menus as prices vary within this series, please call for this upgrade)

 Pre-Welded Oil Pan: 

- Pre-welded option is 100% bolt on with no welding needed
- If you opt out of pre-welded option you will need to weld in yourself on existing or new oil pan. 
- Oil pan silicone needed link: Here

Map Sensor: 

- 3 bar sensor is most recommended by tuners.
- 4 option available if your tuner recommended 4 bar vs 3 bar. 

Hot Side Coating - Thermal Coating:

- Not required , but makes it look cool and be cool.
- Benefits those who are aggressively using their car to lower overall engine bay temps. 

** There are multiple color options for thermal coating. If you have a special request contact us. 

Cold side Coating:

- Not required.
- Benefits those who are aggressively using their car to lower overall engine temps. 
- Helps keep intake temps colder overall. 

*** you can request your IC to be a different color (black) and the pipe to be red for example - Just mention the specs in the notes upon check out. 

Wastegate Return: 

- Open dump is the standard version. 
- Open dump has a decreased spool time vs recirculated option.  
- Recirculated option is quite and more manageable for daily driving. 
- Open dump requires you to cut a part of your skid plate for dump tube. 

Downpipe Flange:

- 2.5 standard for everything stock to aftermarket. 
- If you have a custom 3in overpipe select this option.  

Charge Pipe Routing: 

- V2 Option requires you to preform one of these: 
A. Removal of front crash bar. 
B. Cut/modify current crash bar to work with inter-cooler piping.
C. Purchase aftermarket "Drift Bar"
- No Cut option will route intercooler piping around meaning no cutting required.  


  •  JDL 304 U.S. Stainless Steel Tubular Runners that are Mandrel Bent with an Investment Cast Merge Collector in an Unequal Length Configuration. Each runners wall thickness is 0.0140" for unsurpassed strength and no need for turbo support brackets that are indicative of weak manifold materials
  •  39mm PTE wastegate flange
  •  JDL 3" Stainless Steel Downpipe
  • JDL 39mm PTE Stainless Steel Dump Tube VTA (Optional upgrade Available to a Re-circulated System for an Incognito Sound Level)
  • JDL  Aluminum Intake powder coated chrome as standard for a clean look and easy to clean
  • Turbosmart 38mm Wastegate with a 7psi spring
  • Turbosmart 38mm Vee Port PRO BOV (Black)
  • JDL Short Path Aluminum Intercooler piping (powder coated Chrome) with all couplers and T-bolt Clamps
  • JDL Compact Intercooler in base system (Long Route Intercooler upgrade option available for those seeking a "no-cut"  OEM crash beam solution) Standard intercooler color is raw aluminum with a black JDL logo, Black heat dissipating coating is available as an upgrade with silver JDL logo (Please call for this upgrade)
  • Stainless Steel Turbo Feed Oil Lines and weld-in oil pan fitting for oil drainback (Pre-welded OEM oil pans available as an upgrade for a Plug-and-Play solution and further ease of installation) 
  • Optional thermal ceramic coating in Titanium, Black, Silver (2000F continuous for Silver, 1800F Continuous for Bronze and Titanium, 2300F Continuous for Black)
  • All hardware, hoses, gaskets, included in all variations so there is no need to source more parts after you purchase a system


Special Order Notes

All manifolds, hot part kits, custom intercooler kits, and full turbo kits are built upon order unless otherwise stated items are in stock. Please allow 4-6 weeks for completion of said parts. Build times are also subject to change without notice depending on current workload.  If you have any questions or would like to discuss custom options please do not hesitate to contact us.