Whats a Slam Deal???

We have been Running Friday slam deals for a while and when we thought of the Idea we wanted to offer something fun and a good way to offer a savings to our customers. 

Slam Deals are approved by the Manufacturer in most case to give you a deal you can not get any other place - The FT86 Friday Slam Deals are Fun and only posted on our Facebook Page. 


How it Works 

Every Friday Starting @ 9 AM EST

We will post several items for yoru FRS/BRZ and GT86 - We try our best to offer different items , Once we post the Item for Slam it is first come first serve and they usually will be limited Quantities. So ACT Quick. 



**Dont Type SLAM SLAM SLAM if you do not intend to purchase. If you Type SLAM SLAM SLAM & Do not purchase and another item comes up down the road we will not allow you to participate in upcoming SLAMS

 **Slam Deal prices include shipping to your address in the Lower 48 States - If you are international or in Alaska or Hawaii We will contact you for the exact shipping total after you place the order. 

**No Other coupons or store discounts can be used - If you have a previous Store Credit That is Okay to use.  



As stated Above Slam Deals are limited in QTY of Availability. It Is Limitied so Jump on it fast many of the items we sell out in the First Day. Join the fun!--READY---SLAM!--




5 Foam armrest $xxx - SLAM DEAL--Whats a slam deal??? First 3 people to write the word Slam 3 times into the comment section gets the deal.  Slam Slam Slam.  Join the fun!--READY---SLAM!-- 

This Slam is for 5 foam Armrest shipping included - $xxx

 BEST DEAL IN THE BUSINESS! HAVE FUN!  Message us for the special Coupon.   Only 3 Available at this price 



FT86 Slam Deal Friday


$xxxx - SLAM DEAL--Whats a slam deal??? First 7 people to write the word Slam 3 times into the comment section gets the deal & please share this post. 
Slam Slam Slam. Join the fun!
--READY-- GO---SLAM!--

This Slam is for 1 Pair COLOR SIDE MARKER LIGHTS - SMOKE (PAIR) - shipping included in the lower 48 states only- $39.99 Slams can be purchased via our Website Go to link below if you got the Slam Deal at no shipping charge. BEST DEAL IN THE BUSINESS! HAVE FUN!! Only 7 available at slam pricing. Please do not comment if you do not have the intention of purchasing.
Purchase thru this link only  ..............



**Disclaimer - If you don't follow the rules and purchase without participating in the slam on facebook comments we will refund your order. We have the right to cancel any order at any given time if the cost of shipping is more than the price of the sold item** 

 **Free shipping is in lower US 48 states - International and AK & HI Can participate - We will contact you for shipping after the purchase. 


Join the fun!--READY---SLAM!--