Winjet JDM-Style Series 10 FRS Headlights with LED Day-Time Running Light (Black)

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  1. Love it

    Posted by Sam on 21st May 2016

    I love the OEM look and the way they designed headlight for easier HID conversion.

  2. Beautiful

    Posted by John on 5th May 2016

    Headlights look great on the car. I already had HIDS on the car so I just ordered new bulbs from the HID manufactured. I did not opt for the DRL mod as I just wanted the LEDS on as DRLS. Lights fit great and install was breeze, perfect fitment. Great product for the money.

  3. Clean!

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Jan 2016

    Looks amazing! The DRL kit was kind of intense to install due to having to be really easy with the wires. All in all looks great on my whiteout FRS.

  4. Great for the price

    Posted by Tom S. on 7th Jan 2016

    I ordered these headlights on Black Friday for a steal (less than $300). The install is simple and they're a perfect fit unlike some aftermarket headlights I've bought for previous cars. I went with the 5500k HID kit and DRL mod. The light output is a really close match to the LED strip. Only complaint is some condensation in the housing which I believe is caused by the wires being run through the rubber grommet in the rear not creating a perfect seal for the back of the housing. I installed these myself in December so I'll probably get around to fixing it in the Spring, but that's my only complaint so take it with a grain of salt. Other than that the headlights are great and high quality for the price.

  5. Nice Look

    Posted by Vicente on 3rd Jan 2016

    I Bought a pair with of these lights about 10 months ago not that they have been on for a while the long term are starting to kick in. Dont get me wrong they look really nice when they are first installed I understand wear and tire. I notice the corners of each head light is starting to peel and like if the gloss of the head lights is coming off. Like I said i understand wear and tire but I didn't think that would happen so soon ill give then about 4 months from now till the whole gloss will come off. I still like the look of the headlights and the black housing. the DRL are awesome to I just wish the gloss would stay on.

  6. Good stuff

    Posted by Unknown on 4th Aug 2015

    I ordered these headlights with the hid kit and the drl mod. everything is perfect operation wise and the installation was easy. The only nitpick i have is that one of my headlights came with a little defect in the very corner of the headlight on the lens. No one will notice.

  7. Hids and DRL mod is a must

    Posted by Bryant on 30th Jun 2015

    After a long wait I ordered these headlights. Great customer service. the headlights came wired wrong and fteightysix guys helped me. I had to have called 4-5 times and they were always helpful and never annoyed. thank you for your time and help would order again in a heart beat

  8. Winjet, The next best thing when you don't want to spend 1100 dollars on headlamps

    Posted by CamryDS ( on 4th Jan 2014

    These headlamps are JDM replicas, except without the motor. I have to say that these are not bad, the actual projectors does the job and gives a nice cutoff. I think these are great. The functionality are also good as it does not let the DRL strip interfere with the way the cutoff works.

    As far as JDM, the LED strip does not come on with the Low Beams, so that would be the only "cosmetic" difference. I would say with the price and purchasing the proper HID upgrades are really necessary to make sure you get the proper look for this car.

    Halogens are nice, but it does not give you what you need. If you do get HIDs stick with 5k, as 6k makes the lights too ricey. You don't get the yellow tinge, but the blue makes you part of the rice club. This part of course is my opinion.

    Headlamps, great value, some cosmetic imperfections are expected, especially at 1/2 the price -- but quality in projector is great. Very happy with these.

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Product Description


This is some info we got from WinJet today - 

Also I want to make sure that everyone knows this is not a HID light

These new FRS Winjet headlights are JDM Styled, and were specifically designed for the Scion FR-S/10 Series FR-S. They feature an awesome LED DRL strip that’s built in and is always enabled when the vehicle is powered on. Read the bullet points below to obtain some more information about these slick new headlights.

  1. These are plug and play, just like OEM.  We’ve meticulously tested the electrical system and manufactured these FRS Winjet Headlights to be extremely user friendly.
  2. The DRL will go on once the vehicle is on and the e-brake is released; it will stay on for the entire duration.
  3.  Because of the design of the projectors, thes FRS Winjet Headlights use H7 light bulbs which offers a better light output compared to all other aftermarket projectors which use H1.  These are specially fitted for an H7, no other bulbs can be used, but an HID upgrade is certainly doable.
  4. FRS Winjet Headlights are made in our own factory in China.  We’ve been in the lighting business for over 10 years and have accumulated plenty of experience.  All our products are covered by a limited warranty against manufacture defect for 6 months so you don’t have to worry about LEDs going out or water leaks.  (FYI – we have a lower manufacture defective rate than T*C, which is “OEM Standards” 


The Morimoto UPGRADE  + $150.00


The Morimoto upgade consist of- 
You will not need the relay harness with this install Please let us know in the notes section what Kelvin Color


These are two options 5500k & 6500K


All OEM HID kits are 4300K.  We recomment the 5500K  it is considered the pure white  


4300K - Yellowing Tinge
5000k - Pure White 
6000k - Blueish Tinge 
This bulb is of higher quality and hand made with capsule's also made in Germany. 


Video - HERE -





Orders placed outside of the continental 48 US States will be subject to a higher shipping charge than what is displayed; you will be contacted if this charge applies before we ship out your order.



Available Colors:

Included in the package:
Warranty: 6 Month 


2013 + Subaru FRS



This is the DRL mode to keep the Winjet DRL bar on during low beam operation

This is a Different Version from the origional DRL mod FT86 offered over a year ago when the winjets headlights were released - This one does not iclude the pin 

The function and quality of this DRL mod is the same as the previous version -  This is a lot less expensive and a bit easier for you to install.


This allows the DRL strip to operate normal, It also turns the DRL strip on with the parking lights and stays on with the low beam and high beam function

The DRL strip will operate normal. It will also power on with the parking lights and stay on with the low beam and high beam. it requires cutting one wire after the highbeam connector, and crimping the the piece in on each side heat shrinking the crimp (i used heat shrink butt connectors) then running the wire through a grommet and into the connector. Repin the drl wires as its backwards color wise from winjet.. Really easy, i have a video on a how to coming very shortly. I solder these in here at the shop, but as many people dont have use to solder equipment then this is the best/easiest way i could come up with. it takes about an hour for me to get a set done. I dont use any cheap china sourced components, all made here in the usa quality stuff, which cost more and why the price is as much as it is.


Watch this for proper wiring on a Winjet



**NOT for GT86 headlights or 10 Series or Monogram FRS - 



Beatsonic Mod - CLICK HERE



SCION FR-S -ALL  with Winjet Headlights