Skunk2 FRS and BRZ products

Skunk2 has been building Great parts for as long as I can remember, They recently started designing and building parts for the Frs and BRZ - 


Group A Autosports is the Parent company for both Kraftwerks and Skunk2 -


We got a set of these in the other day, after pulling them out of the box i was impressed with them. I decided to write up a blog on my impressions. First I'm a big, very big supporter of RSR Sport-i coil overs. After riding in cars like Robispec's KW equipped FRS and Counterspace Garage's TIEN equipped BRZ I was torn between what setup i wanted. I also knew i was not going to push my car no where close to what they do.



My car is my DD with occasional track days.  One day out at Streets of Willow, i met up with Moto and took a ride in his FRS with the RSR Sport-i and was really blown away. One by Moto's driving, and two by how his car felt. So smooth, controlled, and planted. Anyone that has been to SoW or knows about the track knows its bumpy... Very bumpy..  And yet in Moto's car it felt really good, Moto suggested i take some laps in the RSR car that was there that day. I dont know who the driver was, but i went from the smooth controlled ride of Moto to the sliding crazy fast drifting style of this driver, running sport-i also. I knew right then this was the setup i wanted. To that day its what have always recommended. I ended up with a set and have been happy every since.



Ive drove/rode in cars with, TEIN, KW V3 and V1, Fortune Auto, BC, Buddy Club, Stance, Megan, Standard suspension, Mann engineering springs and Koni shocks, and drop springs of different brands and some im probably forgetting. And the RSR was always the ones id recommend for a DD with occasional track. I believed, like a lot of others, that if I'm not tracking why spend money on a expensive setup. Mike Kang at CSG explained to me about suspension, and why a more costly setup will ride better then a cheap set of coil overs every day  of the week. We installed these and i was impressed, right around the shop is a couple of bumpy roads. A stock car is just slightly on the rough bouncy side of things, my RSR Sport-i's are a little rough but controlled and in no way bouncy. Cheap stuff, BC, Stance and the such is very very rough, almost like something is going to break if you hit these bumps at anything other then a crawl. The Skunk2's.. Well, they seemed just as controlled as my RSR's but just a little less harsh, maybe a touch rougher then OEM, but way more controlled. After that short test that i do will all suspension i install, we went to a big open parking lot. Some drifts later, we adjusted the front a couple clicks softer and the back end slide easier, under hard cornering at say like Autox the front held on really well and taking 2 clicks out of the back the car just felt really balanced. the back would still slide out but it was more of a wanting to get it to slide. After we saw casino security start rolling our way 15 minutes later or so we took a ride around the highway and regular daily roads we both traveled and again I was impressed. It felt to me that i could honestly feel good about recommending a coil over cheaper then the RSR's I push people that dont track regularly. Now before i get hate mail, i don't think i could honestly say these are up to par of some of the more track orientated setups. I really need to try them on a track before i could say yes or no. but i dont see them as being issue, meaning i dont think these would hold your lap times down. i know that the stock suspension is above most drivers ability. If your not with in a second or so of a pro-drivers lap time in stock car form, then your lack of speed around that track is not limited by tires or suspension. If track isnt your thing, then this suspension for the dollar is the best out there that ive ridden on. Remember stiff and bouncy does not mean race car..


Per our Blog - Thomas


Check out  one of our local customers opinion on the Skunk2 Coils after 1 month of driving on them.


Skunk2 Powerbox


Sell your current FRS/BRZ intake & get this one guys. Im not saying all intakes are not as good, In my person opinion and experience I really like this intake. We all have seen teaser Photos for the past month and finally last Thursday a couple of these landed at Fteightysix.  I like how this intake has the Sealed box as well as the "vent" included.  The vent or port will suck cooler air into the chamber box for better cooler air. This equals more power. Installation After Brian helped me with the installation and we sorted out everything we judged the overall fit and finish as a high quality part that anyone will be proud of.  The "Box" has three point of mounting it to the car for a secure hold.  Installation is not hard if you are comfortable working on your car.  The front bumper will need to be removed to fully remove and install this intake.  We sell and install a lot of Perrin CAI intakes at the shop and you also need to pull the bumper off to install that one. We all have preference and when folks asked me about Cold air intakes I tell them the pros and cons of each one, Sucking air from the location in front is a big plus for me the con on intakes like that are serviceability to the filter to keep them oiled and clean. With the Skunk2 powerbox you can service the filter from under the hood and still get the benefits of the cold air from the other side of the core support without buying an addition part like the HKS piece.


Skunk 2 FRS power box getting installed


Skunk 2 FRS power box getting installed[/caption] Thoughts and Facts So after the install I took the car for a drive - We pulled the cat back off this car so the car we tested on was 100% stock.  I started the car up and noticed only a slight difference in sound, Some intakes you can hear them whistle and a vacuum sound. this was close to stock on the idle and tip in throttle pulling it out of our test facility. My first thing I noticed was the low end power the throttle and car was much more responsive at 2K - IE if you are at a roll in 2nd gear and tip in the throttle to move , before i felt the car would hesitate and like i almost needed to downshift.  I also drive a torq monster 350z and so i can do rolling stops in 3rd and that was something that alway stood out and semi bothered me about the small powerplant the frs comes with but now I am happy with the feel and feel like i need to downshift to get moving. 2nd thing I noticed was the that the dip around 4.5k was 100% gone and not there at all it was smooth if I started a full throttle pull from 2nd gear. As mentioned above it is much more responsive down low and with that it has eliminated that dip in the power band because it is all down low now. Who installed Vtec (Dang you Skunk2) in my car. Just kidding, but with this intake it really , really pulls a lot harder after 5.5K all the way to redline. I mean this is a noticeable difference you can feel and also even see the Tach move faster. So that concludes the first test drive and me pulling back into the install bay with a smirky grin on my face and telling Thomas and some other customers hanging out how i really felt this was a good product.  Thomas said it must be the placebo effect and the sound makes it feel race-car-ish I said no. I have been testing products for well over 15+ years and this thing really impressed me and is not some marketing ploy.  I felt power and I felt a change in the power band.  With that said the sound on this is perfect for me. Its an adult sound, What i mean by that is you can hear it but it is nowhere near the annoying VRRMM and loud sound you get from traditional intaked - this thing is more like a factory designed power mod that an OE company would design and sell and meet OE noise levels. Part Duece After Driving several days and taking a long road trip to Cali and back to Vegas. I have nothing bad to say about this product and you know us we will tell you.  There was no odd sounds or drone effects.  the sound is very clean and you know its there type thing but nothing that you will get sick of.  I am not one to baby the car or drive for fuel mileage , i drive my car like it should be.  So with that said i was wondering about the gas milage. i cant say it is better but here are two photos from the trip to LA and 90% highway driving and light driving there and then the return. I can't remember when i took these photos.  You can be the judge for yourself.  but I think it got equal or better MPG. For anyone who has done the drive i will say this it was not a bad drive as far as stop and go traffic this weekend (sometimes it is stop and go all the way) the average speed for me was I would say 85 sometime slowing down to the posted 70MPH and often opening it up and just moving with cars up to 100 MPH. Mostly cruising in 6th gear once in a while to downshift to 5th to speed up a hill or safely pass a car. Plus this is not a flat drive, there are several mountains & elevation changes - These are not your typical Ohio Roads :)



 The above photo was for sure on the way back from Cali and the one below is more than 2 hours into the drive.

FRS FUEL MPG                  

Ohh also 5 days strong and maybe 3 tanks of gas and no CEL (ignore my TPS Light) Click here for the Link to our site So I will let you be the judge for yourself , but if you want a loud intake that screams loudness and no power this is not the intake for you.


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  I will post a few more photos later today as well as get out the temp gun and test some temps on the box and tube.